Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rockman Gear Up Quarterly Update for Q3

I thought I’d pass on some updates about what happened with the forum over the last quarter, along with a look back at the year so far.
Eight new users joined us this last quarter. That gets us up to 106 members. I’d like to thank our new users for joining the forum. The more the merrier.
For those who like statistics, here are a few I put together. Thirty topics were discussed on the forum during the third quarter. This is up from 29 topics discussed during the second quarter.
It’s also time for the quarterly fund raiser. Our forum exists because of loyal contributors like yourself. There are a lot of ways to contribute.
Participation and advocacy are critical. Another way is financial. Hosting web sites isn’t free. There are costs associated with server hosting, domain registration and purchasing encryption certificates for running a secure web site. Contributions are always welcome.
I'll suggest a $3 contribution. You can change that to a different amount. You might consider $5, $10 or $20. Tell a friend! Here’s the link:
For those of you who have heard this pitch, I'm preaching to the choir. For new members, this is intended as some gentle encouragement. Thanks in advance for any and all contributions!