Friday, February 21, 2014 Back Online

I'd like to announce the return of the web site. It is a forum for SR&D equipment users. Its intended purpose is to provide a forum on the Internet for the users of SR&D designed gear, along with the re-released equipment sold by Dunlop. It's my hope to continue the forum provided by Patrick Pearce. Thanks to Patrick for giving the Rockman community it's own place on the Internet. You can access the site at:

As a small introduction, I'm a Linux/BSD systems administrator who plays guitar in my spare time. That winds up being in the headphones a lot of the time, making the Rockman a good solution for me. I'm also a bit of a light weight Boston fan, having most of the albums. It's worth pointing out that I have not worked for SR&D, Dunlop or elsewhere in the music business. I just use some of the Rockman gear. I hope you enjoy the forum.



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